Technical presentation of Eco-Thai in Phuket, Thailand

Technical presentation of Eco-Thai in Phuket, Thailand

The technical ECO-THAI presentation took place on 15 October in Thailand, the jewel of a boat created with the C.P.N. Ancona company.

There are 2 members of the Thai government in the photo, our Sales manager Alessandro Marmello (white t-shirt) and the buyer.

We have had an exciting and interesting experience visiting the city and being able  to appreciate the culture of the place. “ECO THAI” is a boat effective for collecting floating solid waste and oil spills from the water surface. The boat was designed to be fitted with extra equipment and facilities related to ecological service. Fitted with equipment  for water oxygenation, to perform a fire-fighting service and equipped for monitoring and analysing polluting factors.

Approved for navigation within six miles from the coast in calm sea conditions and with a hull equipped with exceptional manoeuvring capacity.

Thailand is working hard to clean the water mirrors of seas and rivers. Thanks to the partnership with C.P.N we have created a boat of excellence.

Pelikan operates in the Department of Coastal Navy and Research of the Thai Government and, specifically, in the Andaman Sea, in the Chaophraya River and throughout the Gulf, remaining at the disposal of the nation for all kinds of eventualities.

A great satisfaction and an important possibility to contribute to the cleaning of the seas all over the world.

“Let’s clean the World”, the students fishing for refuse in San Benedetto

The special edition of Let’s clean the World  took place with great success on 8 November, in San Benedetto del Tronto, the historical campaign of Legambiente involving school students that aims to remove abandoned waste from estuaries, canals, streets and the green spaces of the city.

The initiative, born from the collaboration between Legambiente Marche and Garbage Group, has seen 40 school students involved from the first and fifth classes of the Primary School of Offida.

During the morning, at the headquarters of the Port Authorities, they spoke about the initiatives that fight sea pollution and the project “Fishing for plastic” was presented, thanks to which a lot of waste that was trapped in fishing nets has been collected.

«In these years we have collaborated with citizens and institutions to increase environmental awareness, refuse culture and the safeguard of the sea, and our commitment has been rewarded, because today we are seeing a cultural change in these sectors – commented Marcella Cuomo, the representative of the School and Training of Legambiente Marche  Initiatives like that of Let’s Clean the World  are, in fact, fundamental to make a generation of citizens aware of the importance of safeguarding the environment. Nothing is more urgent, today, than instilling in the young ones the awareness that the correct disposal of waste and the application of the best practices can really make a difference and contribute to the fight against climate change».

«This is a very important activity for us, because the initiatives with the schools starts our awareness action plan again aimed at citizens and institutions on the problem of marine pollution – added Kessili De Berardinis, vice-president of the Legambiente Circle of San Benedetto del Tronto –  In recent months we have achieved an extraordinary result by collecting almost 1000 signatures to stop the use of polystyrene boxes at sea. The petition was sent to both the Municipality and to the Region and we hope to receive a reply as soon as possible».

Over the course of the initiative the young students, accompanied by a representative of Garbage Group, visited the ecological island in the port area and were able to watch the running of the Seabin of the “Lifegate Plasticless” project, that, floating on the water, collects waste and micro-plastics from the sea twenty-four hours a day.

«Ours is a company that has environmental sustainability in its dna – declared Paolo Baldoni CEO of Garbage Group – amongst the many services in the field of depollution that we have been developing for over 60 years, what I would like to talk about today is the“Pelikan System”: a working boat for the ecological services  within the port water areas used for the collection of floating, semi-submerged and oily waste. A 100% Italian project that was born in Ancona from the idea and synergy of two companies: Garbage Service specialist in the sector for ecological port services of marine depollution in closed areas of water and the naval shipyard C.P.N., a leading company in the construction of yachts and working boats. Ancona is the world leader today in this niche sector, defeating American, Chinese, Korean and Japanese competition with market outlets in Italy, but also in the world with the aim of exporting not only the boat, but an integrated system of know-how and technology for marine environment defence, all being made in Italy».

Those who participated in the initiative: Mauro Colarossi, captain of the Habour Master’s Iffuce; Paolo Baldoni, CEO of Garbage Group; Marcella Cuomo, chief of  Legambiente Scuola e Formazione (School and Training) Marche; Kessili de Berardinis, vice-president of Legambiente Circle “Lu Cucale” of San Benedetto del Tronto; Pietro Ricci, representative of Seafaring Fishermen of San Benedetto del Tronto; Isabella Bosano, councillor for culture in Offida Council and  Maurizio Pieroni, councillor of the environment in the Council of Offida.


Competition “Once upon a leaf", a fairytale dedicated to the sea

In Ancona, at the Palazzo Raffaello – Regione Marche, presented the new edition of the regional competition “A Fairytale dedicated to the Sea” created by SpazioAmbiente.

The  competition is reserved to the primary school classes of the schools in the Marche.  Literary talent and creativity will be awarded a prize of those who can give life to a fairytale, a poem or a tale dedicated to the Sea writing a maximum of two files on the central theme of the sea (ecosystem, resources, exploitation and pollutants derived from anthropogenic impact, etc …).

Garbage Group participates as a partner of the initiative in collaboration with con PULI ECOL Recuperi Srl,  Eli – La Spiga Editrice,  Clementoni, RAINBOW and “Cronache Maceratesi Junior”

Regionale competition dedicated to primary schools ONCE UPON A LEAF” – 17th edition

The initiative, thought up by Robertino Perfetti, president of the Association SpazioAmbiente has been presented in the ‘Regione Offices’ in the presence of all the partners.

“This is the strength of the competition – explained Robertino Perfetti – to have created valid partnerships, a large virtuous network between private subjects and institutions that support us with enthusiasm and that collaborates with a strong patronage and proactive spirit. And every year the competition is enriched with new subjects, this year we are with the Regione Marche – Councillor of the Environment, the University of Macerata, Legambiente Marche, Council of Ancona – Councillor of Culture, ELI – La Spiga – PLAN edizioni, CLEMENTONI, RAINBOW, PULI ECOL Recuperi, GARBAGE group and many more, for a great project as well as educative, solidarity with Fondazione Salesi di Ancona.”

“The theme chosen for this edition is the Sea – he went on – not only in the aspects connected to the themes of pollution, but lived, grasped and perceived as an ecosystem and as a resource and we expect high participation from the classes, like in the past years.”

“We are very happy to participate in this project –  commented the regional Environment councillor, Angelo Sciapichetti – and especially on a theme as important as the Sea. An environmental resource to be preserved that the new generations look at with renewed awareness. In fact, we know that the young and the very young are ever more careful and sensitive about these topics and it is often them who educate the adults about responsible behaviour”

Even the representatives of the various associations spoke: Carlo Rossi – operative director of the Fondazione Ospedale Salesi Onlus (Salesi Hospital non-profit Foundation), Francesca Cuomo – Legambiente Marche who recalled how the association was involved from the very first edition and that the competition binds perfectly with the themes of the initiative ‘LibroAmbiente’ (Environment-book); the representative of Garbage Group, Mirleni who spoke about the project “Pelikan”, the boats built in the Doric shipyard (two in Italy, in Ancona and Genoa) that clean the sea by collecting solid semi-submerged and oily waste present on the surface of the water, and then separating them on board. Now Pelikan is even in Thailand and will soon be in other nations. Lastly, Roberta Tiranti  from the publishing house of Editrice  ELI – La Spiga who suggested how in the bicentenary year of the Infinite, it will be “sweet to shipwreck in this sea”.

Signed Memorandum of Understanding between Garbage and Polytechnic University of Marche

The partnership was signed on the occasion of “Moby Litter: clean up and protect the sea”, an event that saw the dialogue between universities, entrepreneurship and applied research in the field of marine depollution

Baldoni: “Research and innovation are elements that have always distinguished our company, the Port of Ancona can become a green port of call in order to become a technical scientific pole applied for all activities aimed at defending the sea”

“For at least 10 years our company has been working with universities and research institutes – declared Paolo Baldoni CEO of Garbage Service – and what better day to sign a new memorandum of understanding with the Polytechnic University of Marche if not on the eve of the night of the researchers? Moreover, experimentation and research have always been at the centre of Garbage’s activities, providing high added value services in the field of marine depollution. Even on the same “Pelikan System” our task always remains that of transferring  the technical-scientific knowhow to the shipowner, while burdens and honours as regards the naval engineering aspect to the CPN.

This new partnership with the university wants to seal what will be our strategy in the short and medium term made up of innovation in the depollution sector so that the Port of Ancona can become a green port, at the forefront in the application of new eco-compatible technologies, leader in the Mediterranean basin.

The aim is to achieve, in as little time as possible, accessible technologies for the protection of the sea since, today more than ever, time is a negative externality that can seriously affect the continuation of life in certain ecosystems. As evidence of the synergy between research and entrepreneurial activities, CPN is building a whale skeleton named Moby Litter which will, over the coming months, be placed in Monte Dago in front of the Science building and will be gradually filled with plastics ”.


Sharper, the European Night of the Researchers, the news 2019

The European night of the researchers returns. Sharper (Sharing Researchers' Passion for Evidences and Resilience) is the name given to the project co-financed by the European Commission, held simultaneously on 12 September in 12 Italian cities (Ancona, Cagliari, Caserta, Catania, L'Aquila, Macerata, Naples, Nuoro, Palermo, Pavia, Perugia, Trieste). Sharper aims to involve all the citizens in the discovery of the profession of researcher and the role it plays in building the future of society through the investigation of the world based on analysis, observations and ability to adapt and interpret social and cultural contexts which are ever more complex and in continual evolution.

In the wake of last year, for this 6th edition, the Polytechnic University of Marche also involved the University of Macerata: two universities united by the common goal of disseminating research results. Two cities, then - Ancona and Macerata - that will come alive thanks to the various events organised by university researchers to tell the passion, discoveries and challenges of researchers from all over Europe through exhibitions, shows, concerts, games, conferences and initiatives aimed at the general public.

Those present at the press conference: the Rector Sauro Longhi, reporting from Macerata the Rector of UniMC Francesco Adornato, Massimiliano Olivieri, director of the Interregional Scientific Police Cabinet, the Rear Admiral Enrico Moretti, Captain of the Ancona Port Authority, Gian Marco Revel Delegate for European UnivPM Research, Carla Danani Delegate of UniMC Research.

The Programmes

In Ancona, Sharper doubles. In fact, It will be, scheduled for the day before the event, Thursday, September 26, Research Trekking and Moby Litter starting at 16.00. "Research Trekking" is an excursion through the places of the city contaminated by the Polytechnic researchers, a "scientific" itinerary in stages that runs through the historic heart of Ancona, from the Duomo to the Port, presenting the research projects shared with our researchers that will act as "Cicero". "Moby Litter" is an initiative to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the sea that arose from the collaboration between UNIVPM and Garbage Service srl, a leading company in the field of Ecological Port Services. Friday, September 27th we start in the morning with a series of events dedicated to high schools, in the Polo Alfredo Trifogli in Monte Dago. At 9.30am there will be a hunt for owls 3.0 and at 11:00 "The Symphony of the Elements: Periodic Table 150" a show made entirely by the students of ITT G. and M. Montani of Fermo with music by the Pergolesi Conservatory of Fermo.

During the afternoon in Piazza Roma and Corso Garibaldi, in the heart of the city, there will be stands and activities for adults and children at the science fair where researchers from the laboratories will exhibit their projects on Antarctica and life at the Polo, on algae flowering and healthy lifestyles. The "Medical check-up", the "Forensics bus" and the "Sharper micro-genius” children's area are back. For the children there will be activities for the mind and the body with the Coderdojo and the sports fields dedicated to basketball, volleyball and football. Do not miss the activities of the Inca to control your biological age, Istat and the Omero Museum to touch faces and bodies and discover the works of art with your own hands. Guided tour of the Polytechnic exhibition at the Faculty of Economics, links with the Adriatic Ionian Youth Games and the Festival of history. All the researchers will be broadcast live on Radio Arancia

The evening starts at 21:30 and moves to Piazza del Plebiscito with  Luca Perri and “La fisica di Star Wars (the physics of Star Wars)” following, between music and words, there will be Lorenzo Baglioni on stage, a mathematician who got to San Remo with his piece the Subjunctive that will disclose science and culture through music. Then follows video-mapping The research of new worlds a creative visual show edited completely by students, and to close the unmissable appointment with the Silent Disco.

“Beyond the walls, up to the Moon…”. UniMc reinterprets the theme tuning it to the peculiar instruments of the University: literature, law, archeology, pedagogy. Piazza Cesare Battisti and the portico of the Palazzo degli Studi will be the heart of the Macerata Night of the Researchers.
On central stage the most spectacular moments will alternate, like the simulated cyberspace process or the demonstration of how the archives can reveal moments and historical characters such as the moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall and Leonardo da Vinci.
UniMC is also celebrating the bicentenary of the writer and poet Theodor Fontane, the “cantor of  Brandenburg”, symbol of cultural unity in a Germany divided by the Berlin wall. There will also be a special interview, that of Pepper, the robot designed to help the professors in the classroom, and a quiz game to learn legal Italian.
The loggia of the Palazzo degli Studi will host laboratories, information and performance corners dedicated to literature, theatre, journalism, entertaining applications of Latin studies, digital documents, ecology and recycling, European projects as well as the crime scenes reconstructed by the Scientific Police.
Many workshops for children: ink games and paper trimming, digital tools to discover the territory, creative writing with tarot cards, play with archives. For young and old is, however, the fun tour "Urban TICASS by night". Finally, the nearby Palazzo De Vico will host an exhibition on the historical and topographical aspects of the ancient Marche.

What is SHARPER?
The SHARPER project is coordinated by Psiquadro, in collaboration with a consortium of partners that includes the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), the University of Palermo, the University of Perugia, the Polytechnic University of Marche, the Imaginary Scientific Museum of Trieste and the Observa Science in Society research centre and involves a wide partnership of over a hundred cultural institutions, municipalities, research institutes, universities, companies and associations. The Polytechnic University of Marche, with the patronage of the Municipality of Ancona, participates in Sharper, coordinating a group formed by its Departments, the Scientific Police, Istat, Inrca, ITT G. and M. Montani, by the G.B. Pergolesi di Fermo, Informagiovani Ancona, Museo Omero, Garbage srl, La Luna Dance Centre and Fosforo the party of Science.


2 new Pelikan units launched

The appointment at the Port of Ancona in the presence of a delegate of the Thai shipowner, the institutions and the national maritime cluster and that of Ancona

Paolo Baldoni: “Ancona and Marche world leaders in innovation and research policies for marine de-pollution”

The launch of the two new Pelikan-class twin units, which will then be delivered to the Thai Government, was held on Thursday 8 August at 11.00 am at the slipway at the Mandracchio of the Port of Ancona. The 2 ecological boats produced by the synergy between the Ancona shipyard C.P.N. leader in the construction of yachts and work boats and the anti-pollution service company Garbage Service, a company specialising in the sector of ecological port services for marine anti-pollution in closed water bodies, to be added to the 3 boats currently operating in the ports of Ancona and Genoa.

The event was attended by the representative of the Thai shipowner, the institutions and the national maritime cluster and that of Ancona.

“Today, in the presence of the Thai shipowners, institutions and the Ancona and national maritime clusters there was a great sea festival, but above all for the sea - declared Garbage CEO Paolo Baldoni - a vision that takes shape day after day, that of giving a tangible answer to the problems that plastic brings to the life in the waters and on the coasts. There is no more time and there are urgencies that can no longer be postponed, saving the sea is an absolute priority and it is anything but a slogan. Starting from today the 100% Italian project, that was born in Ancona, will finally become international and the development of the same foresees a series of educational and informative activities that, in the near future, will be advocates of a new model of economic development of our territory and unheard of professions, all in the name of the Blue Economy. There are lots of initiatives planned and in the planning stage and that will become operative in the next few months, thanks to the synergy between our companies, the university, Legambiente, the Authority of the Port System of the Central Adriatic Sea and the city and regional institutions, in order that Ancona and the Marche are leaders in the world in the sector of innovation and research for the production of real and tangible solutions to the phenomenon of pollution in the sea”.

Rear Admiral Enrico Moretti

“It is a pleasure to greet this launch that highlights the ability of the industry of Ancona such as C.P.N. and Garbage who, together, have faced the problem of pollution in the sea in a rational and tangible manner, without forgetting the many bodies and institutions that strive to make useful contributions to the solution of the environmental problems in this region”.

Pierpaolo Sediari Vice Lord Mayor of Ancona

“The boats that today kiss the seawaters are an extraordinary piece of work, the child of the initiatives of these two important economic realities of the city. A "sartorial" solution has now been defined and I find this adjective perfect for identifying the success of this initiative that makes Ancona and the whole of Italy proud”.

Manuela Bora Councillor for the Marche Region

“The capacity for technological innovation of the Marche companies emerges from today in line with the environmental policy of the Marche Region, based on concrete facts in defence of the environment and the circular economy and that, after the law on plastics at sea, the law on the punctual tariff of separate waste collection, the battle against the incinerator has been enriched by a new concrete fact: the unanimous approval by the Regional Council of the law on the reduction of waste derived from plastics”.

Rodolfo Giampieri President of the’Authority of the Port System of Central Adriatic Sea

“Today is a beautiful day that highlights how technology and research aimed at sustainability together can improve the quality of life for us all, especially for the future generations. A line that as AdSP we have been supporting for a long time and that sees us committed to a whole series of projects that can make the development of this infrastructure ever more sustainable“.

Andrea Morandi and the Federagenti President of Marche – Abruzzo

“I am proud as an Ancona citizen to be present here today at an action of substance to the struggle of plastics and pollution in the sea which is anything but a mere marketing move”.

Sauro Longhi Rector of the University of Ancona

“Environment and climatic changes are the greatest challenge for the near future. With Garbage and CPN there will be a series of projects aimed at fighting the phenomenon of pollution, even through formative and educational routes because culture is the essential element in the resolution of this problem”.

Francesca Pulcini Regional President of Marche Legambiente

“Our mission will be ever more to develop an environmental conscience between all the citizens and will soon begin collaborations with Garbage and C.P.N. in this sense providing for the involvement of the school world”.

Andrea Pettinari C.P.N

“ECO THAI” is an effective vessel for the collection of floating solid waste and of content of oil spills from the water surface. The boat was designed to be equipped, with additional related equipment or facilities increasing the ecological service for which this boat was designed.
The “ECO THAI”, on request, can be equipped with water oxygenation equipment, to carry out a fire service and can be equipped for monitoring and analysing polluting factors; the cab roof is designed to contain a photovoltaic system and the forward (Bowman) CLAMPS could reach an opening of the 12.2-metre surface intake cone.
The “ECO THAI” operates with three crew members (1 Commander 2 sailors) is approved for navigation within six miles of the coast in calm sea conditions. The hull is equipped with an exceptional manoeuvering capacity, in fact, by simultaneously dosing the power of the engine, the angle of the rudders and the flow inverter, the hull can rotate on itself”.

Dott. Sivakorn Watprangairat sales manager A&Marine (THAI)

“Thailand is working hard to clean the water mirrors of seas and rivers. We have chosen C.P.N and Garbage for true quality and efficiency, the excellence of the Italian entrepreneurial system. The Pelikans will operate in the Department of the Coastal Navy and Research of the Thai Government and, specifically, in the Andaman Sea, in the Chaophraya River and in the whole Gulf, remaining at the disposal of the nation for every type of eventuality ".


Pelikan and the Festival of the Mosciolo, safeguarding the sea is the equivalent of preserving the flavours and tastes of its fruits

The ecofriendly boat will be open to all from Friday evening at 9.15 pm at the time of reflection “Basta Plastica” (Stop Plastic)

Paolo Baldoni: “The Mosciolo, a speciality of Ancona together with our boat. Protecting the sea means preserving the tastes and flavours of its fruits and the health of those who appreciate them"

Returning punctually for its fourth edition of the Mosciolo Festival, it will be held at the Ancient Port of Ancona on June 27, 28 and 29 and, this year, will also see the presence of the Pelikan boat, the working boat for ecological services dedicated to the collection of floating, semi-submerged and oily solid waste in water mirrors, a project that is 100% Italian, which was born in Ancona from the idea and synergy of two companies:

Garbage Service a specialist in the field of ecological port services for marine pollution control in closed water bodies and the C.P.N. shipyard, a leading company in the construction of yachts and work boats. The boat can be visited by all the participants at 9.15 pm on Friday 28 June in a moment of reflection entitled “Basta Plastica" (stop the plastic) dedicated to the state of our sea and the planet in general.

“Ours is an almost obligatory participation in the event - declared Paolo Baldoni CEO of Garbage Service - the Mosciolo (mussel) is a typically Ancona delight and only here can it be tasted in all its originality just like the Pelikan that was born in Ancona from totally Doric knowhow that has become an ambassador of environmental protection in the seas around the world. But apart from the territoriality there is more. Extraordinary products such as the Mosciolo are the produce of a delicate marine biological balance, our task as a company is to protect ecosystems, both in Ancona as well as in other parts of the planet. 13 million tons of plastic every year end up in the sea and from there, through fish, mussels and shellfish onto our tables. Our business is therefore closely linked to specialties at km 0 such as the Mosciolo in order to preserve its natural characteristics and, of not minor importance, the health of all those who love this product".


The Pelikan together with the divers to “Clean the Seabed – Passetto 2019”

Il Pelikan insieme ai sub per la “Pulizia dei fondali – Passetto 2019”

The boat in action together with all those who love the protection of the seabed of the Passetto, one of the most beautiful and unique places in Ancona

The thirteenth edition of the initiative "Clean the seabed - Passetto 2019" was held This morning, promoted by Kòmaros Sub (divers) of Ancona, which also saw the Pelikan boat operate.

Pelikan is a work boat for ecological services dedicated to the collection of floating, semi-submerged and oily solid waste in water bodies.

A 100% Italian project that was born in Ancona from the idea and the synergy of two companies: Garbage Service specialist in the field of port ecological services, marine anti-pollution in closed waters and the CPN shipyard, a leading company in yacht building and work boats.

“The Passetto is the historic beach of the people of Ancona, so much so that it was included among the "places of the heart "of Italia Nostra (Our Italy) - said Paolo Baldoni CEO of Garbage Service - and this morning we wanted to give our contribution to this event together with everyone who love the protection of the sea such as sports divers, the "Grottaroli" associations and those who frequent the Passetto cliffs.

Today our Pelikan has worked together with many other subjects who care about the marine environment. The boat, in fact, which has operated in the Ancona airport since 2013, has carried out its functions in the best way possible by even demonstrating a heart and a soul devoted to sustainability.

The "Pelikan Project" is a joint venture between Garbage Service and the C.P.N. which has seen the collaboration of important technological partners over the years: CiAl, which supplied recycled aluminium (the equivalent of 220,000 cans) for the construction of the hull, Novamont, a world leader in the Biochemistry sector, already the inventor of Mater-Bi , which, in a world preview, for this project, provided the Matrol-Bi, hydraulic oil and fully biodegradable grease for gears.

Ancona is the world capital in this niche sector today defeating American, Chinese, Korean and Japanese competition with market outlets not only in Italy, but also in the world in order to export not only the boat (in September the delivery of 2 units to Thailand ed) but an integrated system of knowhow and technologies to protect the marine environment, all made in Italy.

From Ancona - concluded Baldoni - I could not but immediately marry the initiative "Clean the seabed - Passetto 2019" promoted by Kòmaros Sub of Ancona which sees the protection of one of the most beautiful and unique corners of our city, even more so today that the Municipality of Ancona is making the cliff safe".