The special edition of Let’s clean the World  took place with great success on 8 November, in San Benedetto del Tronto, the historical campaign of Legambiente involving school students that aims to remove abandoned waste from estuaries, canals, streets and the green spaces of the city.

The initiative, born from the collaboration between Legambiente Marche and Garbage Group, has seen 40 school students involved from the first and fifth classes of the Primary School of Offida.

During the morning, at the headquarters of the Port Authorities, they spoke about the initiatives that fight sea pollution and the project “Fishing for plastic” was presented, thanks to which a lot of waste that was trapped in fishing nets has been collected.

«In these years we have collaborated with citizens and institutions to increase environmental awareness, refuse culture and the safeguard of the sea, and our commitment has been rewarded, because today we are seeing a cultural change in these sectors – commented Marcella Cuomo, the representative of the School and Training of Legambiente Marche  Initiatives like that of Let’s Clean the World  are, in fact, fundamental to make a generation of citizens aware of the importance of safeguarding the environment. Nothing is more urgent, today, than instilling in the young ones the awareness that the correct disposal of waste and the application of the best practices can really make a difference and contribute to the fight against climate change».

«This is a very important activity for us, because the initiatives with the schools starts our awareness action plan again aimed at citizens and institutions on the problem of marine pollution – added Kessili De Berardinis, vice-president of the Legambiente Circle of San Benedetto del Tronto –  In recent months we have achieved an extraordinary result by collecting almost 1000 signatures to stop the use of polystyrene boxes at sea. The petition was sent to both the Municipality and to the Region and we hope to receive a reply as soon as possible».

Over the course of the initiative the young students, accompanied by a representative of Garbage Group, visited the ecological island in the port area and were able to watch the running of the Seabin of the “Lifegate Plasticless” project, that, floating on the water, collects waste and micro-plastics from the sea twenty-four hours a day.

«Ours is a company that has environmental sustainability in its dna – declared Paolo Baldoni CEO of Garbage Group – amongst the many services in the field of depollution that we have been developing for over 60 years, what I would like to talk about today is the“Pelikan System”: a working boat for the ecological services  within the port water areas used for the collection of floating, semi-submerged and oily waste. A 100% Italian project that was born in Ancona from the idea and synergy of two companies: Garbage Service specialist in the sector for ecological port services of marine depollution in closed areas of water and the naval shipyard C.P.N., a leading company in the construction of yachts and working boats. Ancona is the world leader today in this niche sector, defeating American, Chinese, Korean and Japanese competition with market outlets in Italy, but also in the world with the aim of exporting not only the boat, but an integrated system of know-how and technology for marine environment defence, all being made in Italy».

Those who participated in the initiative: Mauro Colarossi, captain of the Habour Master’s Iffuce; Paolo Baldoni, CEO of Garbage Group; Marcella Cuomo, chief of  Legambiente Scuola e Formazione (School and Training) Marche; Kessili de Berardinis, vice-president of Legambiente Circle “Lu Cucale” of San Benedetto del Tronto; Pietro Ricci, representative of Seafaring Fishermen of San Benedetto del Tronto; Isabella Bosano, councillor for culture in Offida Council and  Maurizio Pieroni, councillor of the environment in the Council of Offida.