Product Datasheet

  • Overall length: 13,363 m
  • Moulded beam: 3,42 m
  • Draft: 1,39 m
  • Displacement: 17,35 t
  • Main Engine: Diesel hp230 a rpm2800
  • Speed: 8 Kn
  • Maximum capacity of liquids: 1,35 m3
  • Construction material: Steel hull and
  •  Aluminium superstructure
  • Diesel 230hp-24w low consumption and low emission of CO2. 4 Batteries (1 for propulsion system, 2 for auxiliary service)
  • Ducted and protected propeller.
  • Cargo tank for polluting liquids.
  • (Optional) Portable Fire-Fighter pump in case of fire on board.

Treadmill lifting equipment in stainless steel, controlled by dashboard.

Insulated, soundproofed, air-conditioned wheelhouse equipped with stereo system, barometric control unit and navigation instruments.

Side shell entirely protected with rubber fender ending with two teflon tyres.

Light boom reels designed for the safe and easy storage and recovery of oil spills. Length 50/80 m. aprox. (Optional light boom supply).

Garbage holder built in galvanized steel.

Safety handrail and transversal fore gangway for an easily walkway in open-clamp mode built in stainless steel.

Clamp fore built in stainless steel AISI 316.

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