Technical presentation of Eco-Thai in Phuket, Thailand

The technical ECO-THAI presentation took place on 15 October in Thailand, the jewel of a boat created with the C.P.N. Ancona company.

There are 2 members of the Thai government in the photo, our Sales manager Alessandro Marmello (white t-shirt) and the buyer.

We have had an exciting and interesting experience visiting the city and being able  to appreciate the culture of the place. “ECO THAI” is a boat effective for collecting floating solid waste and oil spills from the water surface. The boat was designed to be fitted with extra equipment and facilities related to ecological service. Fitted with equipment  for water oxygenation, to perform a fire-fighting service and equipped for monitoring and analysing polluting factors.

Approved for navigation within six miles from the coast in calm sea conditions and with a hull equipped with exceptional manoeuvring capacity.

Thailand is working hard to clean the water mirrors of seas and rivers. Thanks to the partnership with C.P.N we have created a boat of excellence.

Pelikan operates in the Department of Coastal Navy and Research of the Thai Government and, specifically, in the Andaman Sea, in the Chaophraya River and throughout the Gulf, remaining at the disposal of the nation for all kinds of eventualities.

A great satisfaction and an important possibility to contribute to the cleaning of the seas all over the world.