Garbage Ancona offers waste collection, transport, treatment, recovery and disposal services of all kinds and types.

We mainly operate in safeguarding the marine environment and treating maritime and land emergencies.

Each service is accompanied by rigorous company skills, all certified institutionally and internationally.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  Ecological services for ports and every kind and type of liquid and solid waste collection produced by ships

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  Sea anti-pollution and depollution

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  Cleaning of water mirrors closed by solid, liquid and semi-submerged substances, both solid and liquid

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  Cleaning of shores and beaches

  Environmental management of marinas

  Reclamation of polluted sites

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  Environmental remediation both for the recovery of polluted sites as well as for the removal of friable or compact asbestos

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  Environmental services to production sites

  Management of an autoclaving plant, to comply with an instruction from the Ministry of Health, for the sterilisation of waste coming from non-European countries

  Emergency response division active 24 hours a day, able to intervene promptly in any emergency in the environmental field, both at sea and on land.


Collection services , transport, treatment, recovery and disposal of waste of every kind and type.


Our flagship. The ecological work vessel that protects the seas.


Research, training and development: a tireless laboratory of ideas and experimentation.


We plan new products to reduce environmental impact in the ports.


“The sea reminds us that we are part of a much bigger plan, that questions each one of us”

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