Garbage Laboratory studies and designs new products aimed at reducing the impact on the environment inside the marinas.

To overcome the standards of efficiency and quality, to allow widespread dissemination of the values of respect for the ecosystem, Garbage Group has a Laboratory division.

In collaboration with B.E.R.: Blue Economy Research and numerous bodies of research we are working on a range of zero impact services and products aimed at the nautical and naval sector as well as for its consumption needs.

The propensity for the future has led us to channel our attention and our resources towards initiatives related to scientific dissemination in schools and among children with the only great goal of increasing the ecological awareness of the young generations.

We are constantly creating opportunities and moments of confrontation dedicated to raising public awareness on the issues of reducing pollution.


Collection services , transport, treatment, recovery and disposal of waste of every kind and type.


Our flagship. The ecological work vessel that protects the seas.


Research, training and development: a tireless laboratory of ideas and experimentation.


We plan new products to reduce environmental impact in the ports.