Pelikan, the ecological boat that cleans up the sea from the waste

Pelikan, the flagship of our group, came about from the planning that animates the company’s management.

Thanks to the passion lavished by our innovation division and the desire to be able to intervene effectively in cleaning the seas around the world, we have created Pelikan, an ecological work boat, the result of a team of companies of international importance for a project that is 100% Italian.


Overall length: 10,90 mt
Beam width: 2,48 mt
Diving: 1,11 mt
Displacement: 9 tonn

Engine: Volvo-Penta Kw132 hp180
Maximum speed: 9 Kn
Maximum capacity of liquids: 930 lt
Construction material: Aluminum


Overall length: 10,90 mt
Beam width: 2,48 mt Diving: 1,11 mt
Displacement: 9 tonn
Engine: Volvo-Penta Kw132 hp180
Maximum speed: 9 Kn
Maximum capacity of liquids: 930 lt
Construction material: Aluminum

An innovation of proven ecological importance for the disposal of semi-submerged floating solid waste, fatty and oily substances, in particular all types of plastic at sea.

Pelikan is an ecological vessel that deals with anti-pollution and depollution activity in the sea, in particular for the cleaning of water mirrors of semi-submerged floating oily and fatty waste, collecting all types of plastic in the sea.

The vessel can be transported by road, thus guaranteeing a speedy transfer, which is essential to face those extraordinary events such as accidental spillages of oil products or phenomena of abundant algal torture.

The vessel can also carry out fire prevention services.

Its construction has involved highly specialised shipbuilding work through the redesign of all the technological components, the use of environmentally friendly materials and organic products.

Pelikan is not only an efficient vessel today with a low environmental impact on the ecosystem, but also a shared system of know-how and technology to defend the environment even in the position of attracting interest on an international level.


Are the tonnes of plastic refuse produced in Europe

Up to today only a third is recycled, while 50% in countries like Italy, France and Spain finish in the rubbish dump.

33thous. +

plastic bottles finish up in the Mediterranean EVERY MINUTE

Plastic pollution is continuing to grow and the incapacity of the Countries manage its own refuse has provoked the pollution of our Mare Nostrum (our sea) that has reached record levels today.


tonnes of plastic tipped into the Mediterranean a year

53 thousand tonnes dispersed in the Mediterranean Sea in 2016, of which 24% finishes up on the coasts within a year


Italy: 2nd largest producer of waste in the Mediterranean

And major producer of plastic consumer goods


Removal of macro floating and semi-submerged pollution

Operating with its front pincers open, the ship collects the polluting material on the bow grille. Pelikan also operates without moving using the aspiration flow of the ducted propeller that acts as a special pump. Once filled, the grille is made to run along vertical supports and  automatically tips the contents into the storage basket.

Support for fire rescue

Using the sea water circuit and the cannon mounted in the stern area it is possible to offer a valid fire-fighting service, also taking advantage of the high manoeuvering capacity of the Pelikan and the ease of its transport by means of a vehicle.
The Pelikan is equipped with: panne light, minimax10 skimmer, rock cleaner, oil-only wipes, oil-only booms, mineral absorbent, depolluting and other equipment.

Recovery and hydrocarbon separation

In the presence of floating oils, the ship creates an aspiration flow of the water towards the mouth of the hydrocarbon separator that, acting in conditions of depression, makes it possible to completely separate the polluting film from the mass of water sucked up. Once the separation is completed the cycle continues with a siphoning of the substance – from the negligible degree of emulsion – recovering up to 15 m3 / SPILLED PRODUCT

Chemical dispersant spraying

The Pelikan is equipped with a double system (dx/sx) for spraying chemical dispersants authorised by the Ministry of the Environment.

Recycled Aluminium

Light, resistant to shocks and corrosion, durable, a-magnetic and mainly 100% recyclable and endless are the properties and characteristics that make aluminium  one of the most used materials in various industrial sectors and design and, also, in the nautical sector.

Therefore, the material put at the disposal of CIAL to build the innovative Pelikan vessel could only be aluminium, or rather, 100% recycled aluminium.

Matrol-Bi Vegetal and Biodegradable Lubricant

Biodegradable plant-based hydraulic fluid that is used in automatisms.

Matrol-Bi is the latest frontier of Novamont research, the leading Italian company in the green chemical sector..

Photovoltaic Panels

On the roof there are photovoltaic panels (tot. 800 W) to recharge the batteries with the engine off and, in operation, to power the auxiliary electrical services and the cabin air conditioning.

Panne Light

The panne light is made of PVC / Nitrile, covered in woven polyester, in highly visible red, resistant to oils and sunlight, they are easy to position, light and easy to manoeuvre.

Available for service no. 2 rollers of 100m each one.

SKIMMER Minimax 10

The Minimax 10 is composed of a floating unit that incorporates six disk brushes with a diameter of 250 mm.

The brushes rotate in the direction of the water, forcing the oil under the level of the same and inside the brush.

The brush is composed of millions of filaments that make a labyrinth of channeling for the oil superior to any disc separator system.

With the rotation movement of the brushes, the water comes out of the same and is channeled outside the Minimax 10. Its capacity of recovery is 10 tonnes/hour.

Rock Cleaner

Designed for the cleaning and recovery of oils and recovery of oil deposited on docks, cliffs, ports, terminals, boat ports, where large units have difficulty operating.

It makes it possible to collect the oil from the water, such as from the restricted spaces between rocks, cement, asphalt.

It can be used for the cleaning spills of chemical products.

Oil-Only Wipes

Absorbent wipes, float on water.

Formulated to control and clean any eventual leak of hydrocarbons and derivatives, poured into fresh and salt water.

Made up of a modified water-repellent polypropylene mixture with an absorption capacity of 1.36 lt

Oil-Only Booms

Absorbent cylinders for emergencies.

Easy to assemble as they are equipped with snap hook (carabiners), they create a barrier that prevents the spreading of the hydrocarbon patches.

The protagonist the project

C.P.N. srl Naval Building and design

Naval shipyard of Ancona specialised in the design and creation of work boats, structures, systems and accessories to be assembled and equipped on third party vessels. The shipyard is the producer of Pelikan

Novamont SpA

An industrial reality in the chemical sector specialised in the use of raw plant-based materials and bioplastic renewable materials for specific applications with low environmental impact and completely biodegradable. The company has supplied and supplies all the biodegradable oils used on the Pelikan

CiAL Consorzio Imballaggi Alluminio

A non-profit consortium that associates producers and users of aluminium packaging for the recovery and recycling of aluminium residues of any origin. The consortium provides recycled aluminium for the Pelikan structure

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