The ecofriendly boat will be open to all from Friday evening at 9.15 pm at the time of reflection “Basta Plastica” (Stop Plastic)

Paolo Baldoni: “The Mosciolo, a speciality of Ancona together with our boat. Protecting the sea means preserving the tastes and flavours of its fruits and the health of those who appreciate them”

Returning punctually for its fourth edition of the Mosciolo Festival, it will be held at the Ancient Port of Ancona on June 27, 28 and 29 and, this year, will also see the presence of the Pelikan boat, the working boat for ecological services dedicated to the collection of floating, semi-submerged and oily solid waste in water mirrors, a project that is 100% Italian, which was born in Ancona from the idea and synergy of two companies:

Garbage Service a specialist in the field of ecological port services for marine pollution control in closed water bodies and the C.P.N. shipyard, a leading company in the construction of yachts and work boats. The boat can be visited by all the participants at 9.15 pm on Friday 28 June in a moment of reflection entitled “Basta Plastica” (stop the plastic) dedicated to the state of our sea and the planet in general.

“Ours is an almost obligatory participation in the event – declared Paolo Baldoni CEO of Garbage Service – the Mosciolo (mussel) is a typically Ancona delight and only here can it be tasted in all its originality just like the Pelikan that was born in Ancona from totally Doric knowhow that has become an ambassador of environmental protection in the seas around the world. But apart from the territoriality there is more. Extraordinary products such as the Mosciolo are the produce of a delicate marine biological balance, our task as a company is to protect ecosystems, both in Ancona as well as in other parts of the planet. 13 million tons of plastic every year end up in the sea and from there, through fish, mussels and shellfish onto our tables. Our business is therefore closely linked to specialties at km 0 such as the Mosciolo in order to preserve its natural characteristics and, of not minor importance, the health of all those who love this product”.