The appointment at the Port of Ancona in the presence of a delegate of the Thai shipowner, the institutions and the national maritime cluster and that of Ancona

Paolo Baldoni: “Ancona and Marche world leaders in innovation and research policies for marine de-pollution”

The launch of the two new Pelikan-class twin units, which will then be delivered to the Thai Government, was held on Thursday 8 August at 11.00 am at the slipway at the Mandracchio of the Port of Ancona. The 2 ecological boats produced by the synergy between the Ancona shipyard C.P.N. leader in the construction of yachts and work boats and the anti-pollution service company Garbage Service, a company specialising in the sector of ecological port services for marine anti-pollution in closed water bodies, to be added to the 3 boats currently operating in the ports of Ancona and Genoa.

The event was attended by the representative of the Thai shipowner, the institutions and the national maritime cluster and that of Ancona.

“Today, in the presence of the Thai shipowners, institutions and the Ancona and national maritime clusters there was a great sea festival, but above all for the sea – declared Garbage CEO Paolo Baldoni – a vision that takes shape day after day, that of giving a tangible answer to the problems that plastic brings to the life in the waters and on the coasts. There is no more time and there are urgencies that can no longer be postponed, saving the sea is an absolute priority and it is anything but a slogan. Starting from today the 100% Italian project, that was born in Ancona, will finally become international and the development of the same foresees a series of educational and informative activities that, in the near future, will be advocates of a new model of economic development of our territory and unheard of professions, all in the name of the Blue Economy. There are lots of initiatives planned and in the planning stage and that will become operative in the next few months, thanks to the synergy between our companies, the university, Legambiente, the Authority of the Port System of the Central Adriatic Sea and the city and regional institutions, in order that Ancona and the Marche are leaders in the world in the sector of innovation and research for the production of real and tangible solutions to the phenomenon of pollution in the sea”.

Rear Admiral Enrico Moretti

“It is a pleasure to greet this launch that highlights the ability of the industry of Ancona such as C.P.N. and Garbage who, together, have faced the problem of pollution in the sea in a rational and tangible manner, without forgetting the many bodies and institutions that strive to make useful contributions to the solution of the environmental problems in this region”.

Pierpaolo Sediari Vice Lord Mayor of Ancona

“The boats that today kiss the seawaters are an extraordinary piece of work, the child of the initiatives of these two important economic realities of the city. A “sartorial” solution has now been defined and I find this adjective perfect for identifying the success of this initiative that makes Ancona and the whole of Italy proud”.

Manuela Bora Councillor for the Marche Region

“The capacity for technological innovation of the Marche companies emerges from today in line with the environmental policy of the Marche Region, based on concrete facts in defence of the environment and the circular economy and that, after the law on plastics at sea, the law on the punctual tariff of separate waste collection, the battle against the incinerator has been enriched by a new concrete fact: the unanimous approval by the Regional Council of the law on the reduction of waste derived from plastics”.

Rodolfo Giampieri President of the’Authority of the Port System of Central Adriatic Sea

“Today is a beautiful day that highlights how technology and research aimed at sustainability together can improve the quality of life for us all, especially for the future generations. A line that as AdSP we have been supporting for a long time and that sees us committed to a whole series of projects that can make the development of this infrastructure ever more sustainable“.

Andrea Morandi and the Federagenti President of Marche – Abruzzo

“I am proud as an Ancona citizen to be present here today at an action of substance to the struggle of plastics and pollution in the sea which is anything but a mere marketing move”.

Sauro Longhi Rector of the University of Ancona

“Environment and climatic changes are the greatest challenge for the near future. With Garbage and CPN there will be a series of projects aimed at fighting the phenomenon of pollution, even through formative and educational routes because culture is the essential element in the resolution of this problem”.

Francesca Pulcini Regional President of Marche Legambiente

“Our mission will be ever more to develop an environmental conscience between all the citizens and will soon begin collaborations with Garbage and C.P.N. in this sense providing for the involvement of the school world”.

Andrea Pettinari C.P.N

“ECO THAI” is an effective vessel for the collection of floating solid waste and of content of oil spills from the water surface. The boat was designed to be equipped, with additional related equipment or facilities increasing the ecological service for which this boat was designed.
The “ECO THAI”, on request, can be equipped with water oxygenation equipment, to carry out a fire service and can be equipped for monitoring and analysing polluting factors; the cab roof is designed to contain a photovoltaic system and the forward (Bowman) CLAMPS could reach an opening of the 12.2-metre surface intake cone.
The “ECO THAI” operates with three crew members (1 Commander 2 sailors) is approved for navigation within six miles of the coast in calm sea conditions. The hull is equipped with an exceptional manoeuvering capacity, in fact, by simultaneously dosing the power of the engine, the angle of the rudders and the flow inverter, the hull can rotate on itself”.

Dott. Sivakorn Watprangairat sales manager A&Marine (THAI)

“Thailand is working hard to clean the water mirrors of seas and rivers. We have chosen C.P.N and Garbage for true quality and efficiency, the excellence of the Italian entrepreneurial system. The Pelikans will operate in the Department of the Coastal Navy and Research of the Thai Government and, specifically, in the Andaman Sea, in the Chaophraya River and in the whole Gulf, remaining at the disposal of the nation for every type of eventuality “.