Il Pelikan insieme ai sub per la “Pulizia dei fondali – Passetto 2019”

The boat in action together with all those who love the protection of the seabed of the Passetto, one of the most beautiful and unique places in Ancona

The thirteenth edition of the initiative “Clean the seabed – Passetto 2019” was held This morning, promoted by Kòmaros Sub (divers) of Ancona, which also saw the Pelikan boat operate.

Pelikan is a work boat for ecological services dedicated to the collection of floating, semi-submerged and oily solid waste in water bodies.

A 100% Italian project that was born in Ancona from the idea and the synergy of two companies: Garbage Service specialist in the field of port ecological services, marine anti-pollution in closed waters and the CPN shipyard, a leading company in yacht building and work boats.

“The Passetto is the historic beach of the people of Ancona, so much so that it was included among the “places of the heart “of Italia Nostra (Our Italy) – said Paolo Baldoni CEO of Garbage Service – and this morning we wanted to give our contribution to this event together with everyone who love the protection of the sea such as sports divers, the “Grottaroli” associations and those who frequent the Passetto cliffs.

Today our Pelikan has worked together with many other subjects who care about the marine environment. The boat, in fact, which has operated in the Ancona airport since 2013, has carried out its functions in the best way possible by even demonstrating a heart and a soul devoted to sustainability.

The “Pelikan Project” is a joint venture between Garbage Service and the C.P.N. which has seen the collaboration of important technological partners over the years: CiAl, which supplied recycled aluminium (the equivalent of 220,000 cans) for the construction of the hull, Novamont, a world leader in the Biochemistry sector, already the inventor of Mater-Bi , which, in a world preview, for this project, provided the Matrol-Bi, hydraulic oil and fully biodegradable grease for gears.

Ancona is the world capital in this niche sector today defeating American, Chinese, Korean and Japanese competition with market outlets not only in Italy, but also in the world in order to export not only the boat (in September the delivery of 2 units to Thailand ed) but an integrated system of knowhow and technologies to protect the marine environment, all made in Italy.

From Ancona – concluded Baldoni – I could not but immediately marry the initiative “Clean the seabed – Passetto 2019” promoted by Kòmaros Sub of Ancona which sees the protection of one of the most beautiful and unique corners of our city, even more so today that the Municipality of Ancona is making the cliff safe”.