FoamFlex200 (or PUFF) is an open cell, oleophilicand hydrophobic expanded polyurethane, specifically designed for the absorption of hydrocarbons.

FoamFlex200 is an innovative, patented oil absorbent technology for hydrocarbons and their derivatives.

The product is an open-cell oleophilic polyurethane foam with a hydrophobic effect greater than 95%. This allows the intact recovery of spilled hydrocarbons with less than 5% water. It can absorb about 30 times its own weight of any hydrocarbon. Using a wringing process, FoamFlex200 can be reused over 200 times. One kilogram (1 kg) FoamFlex200 can absorb about 6.000Kg of hydrocarbons.


Thanks to its performance and its ability to be reused, FoamFlex200 exponentially reduces the amount of absorbent material required for the reclamation of oil spills. Similarly, disposal costs are cut drastically.

The amount of material requiring disposal is reduced more than 200 times. The hydrophobic effect eliminates the unnecessary cost of water disposal.

  • FoamFlex200 retains constant performance each time it is reused, this reduces the cost of waste disposal.
  • The product’s effectiveness has been demonstrated under all weather conditions. When there are rough seas, the waves’ kinetics improves the material’s absorption.
  • FoamFlex200 can be left in the water for days and recovered when the weather conditions improve, thanks to its ability to retain the spilled hydrocarbons.
  • The estimated time for saturation is just a few minutes. This allows areas polluted by oil spills to be reclaimed in a short time. 
  • The product’s effectiveness has been demonstrated under real conditions, even for high-density oils.