Ecopelikan is a vessel designed for the recovery from the surface of the sea (in port waters, canals, bays, in-shore and open sea) of floating and semi-submerged macro pollutants (plastics, plants, cans, wood, etc.).

Product Datasheet

  • Length overall: 8,5 m
  • Moulded beam: 2,48 m
  • Hull length: 7,70 m
  • Moulded depth: 1,2 m
  • Frame spacing: 0,6 m
  • Mean draft: 0,5 m
  • Displacement: 3,5 t
  • Main propulsion power: 88 kW
  • Design speed: 12 Kn
  • Main engine: FNM 20HPE 120 + BRAVO1, 120 CV
  • Hybrid auxiliary engine: electric Pod 2×4,5 kW
  • Macro-pollutants Stock capacity: 2 m3
  • Recovery oil stock capacity: 0,5 m3
  • Construction material: Marine aluminium

• Twin propulsion with endothermic engine inboard outboard for navigation and transfers at high speed, operation and propulsion of electricity from batteries to operate at low speed in protected marine areas or water areas closed to traditional units.

Main engine inboard outboard: FNM 20HPE 120 + BRAVO1, 120 cv. Electronic injection engine common rail compliant with low CO2 emissions regulation. Protected propeller for costal navigation.

Auxiliary Hybrid engine: Electric pod 2×4,5 kW. Lithium batteries for electric operation 70 kW (aprox). Solar panel for supporting the batteries charge.

Main deck covered with non-slip layer. Aft platform to protect the propeller. Protection handrails on the perimeter.

Deckhouse with large windows for a 360° viewing angle and centralized control system for the complete vessel operation with only one crew member.

(Optional) Floating brush oil separator to be combined as an accessory to the collection system for the recovery of hydrocarbons spilled into the sea. 500 lt tank for on board storage of recovered liquids.

Macro-pollutant collection mechanism from the sea surface composed of a basket equipped with filter conveyor belt and suction system with intubated propellers capable of involving large quantities of water to be treated. Propellers usable as auxiliary electric propulsion.

Solar panels mounted on the roof for recharging the on-board batteries and 1000 Wa inverters for on-board services.

Recovered waste storage in stainless steel with lift- system for unloading onto the dock by crane and opening bottom.

Cannon fire-fighting for serving other units or usable for reefs and docks cleaning.