Vessel dedicated for the transportation of bilge oily water, water ballast, tank washing waters (2 t/m2 aprox).

The vessel propulsion system is buildt with two propellers, the navigation rotation is costal area. The vessel safety equipment are limited for the navigation in the coast within (6 n. m. from ashore) with an extension for costal navigation (within 20 N. m. from ashore).

Product Datasheet

  • Length overall: 23,80 m
  • Length between perpendicular: 22,60 m
  • Moulded breadth: 6,79 m
  • Moulded depth: 2,50 m
  • Draft at midship (Full load): 2 m
  • Main engines power: 2×400 CV
  • Auxiliary engines: 2×40 kW
  • Maximum speed at lightweight: 9 Kn
  • Moulded displacement: 260 t
  • Gross tonnage: 100 GT
  • Lightweight: 150 t
  • Service crane: MARINA VMCR 12000


  • AFT water ballast: 12,6 m3
  • Cargo tank: 145 m3
  • Fore water ballast: 32 m3
  • Fore-peak water ballast: 35 m3
  • Oil tank: 5 m3


In standard condition declared by the builder, the maximum continuous rating of the main engines are aprox 400 hp each 1800 RPM at standard shaft line RPM. Engine type: BAUDOUIN model 6W126M P1.

Gearbox: BAUDOUIN type. At 1800 RPM the vessel max speed is aprox 9 Kn in calm water with a clean hull in light ship weight (aprox  80 t).


The hull is divided in 8 water  tight comportments trough 7 water tight transversal  bulkhead, with the following boundaries:

  • Fore–peak water ballast;
  • Chain locker and pump room;
  • Fore water ballast;
  • N.6 AFT water ballast;
  • Main engine room and steering room.